Christmas In Mexico

Feliz Navidad

The Christmas season in Mexico is full of festivities including food, family, and friends. It begins on December 12th and lasts all the way through January 6th! Beginning on December 16th and continuing each night through Christmas Eve, children and adults alike partake in the tradition of Posadas, which quite literally translates to “inn.” Children and adults pass from one decorated house to another singing songs and asking if there is a “room at the inn” as a way to recreate the story of Mary and Joseph when they were looking for a room to stay in. On Christmas Eve, they are finally invited in and asked to stay for a party which of course, includes a multitude of food, drinks, and piñatas.



Christmas trees are rising in popularity, but the most important decorations remain the Nacimiento or the nativity scene. These nativity scenes include the manger, Mary, Joseph, the three kings, shepherds, and tons of animals with the baby Jesus being added on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve or Noche Buena is a day for the family where most join in on the final Posada and then in the evening, enjoy their main Christmas meal. Some of the most popular dishes include Pozole, roast turkey, roast pork, and of course, tamales!

From our family to yours, Feliz Navidad, or Merry Christmas! Here’s to happiness and hope for a prosperous year!