Mexico National Flag Day

February 24th is Mexico’s National Flag Day, and we can’t wait to celebrate!



The flag stands for freedom, justice and citizenship – all principles espoused by those who gave their lives for Mexico’s independence.

White, green and red vertical stripes on the flag each represent a different value – white for purity; green for hope; and red for the blood lost by Mexico’s heroes.

The practice of celebrating National Flag Day on February 24th began when a Bank of Mexico employee named Benito Ramirez, decided to honor the flag on that date in 1935. Over the next few years, Ramirez continued to honor the flag on February 24th and in 1940, President Lazaro Cardenas declared that day to be National Flag Day. Ever since, Mexicans pay special tribute to the flag on that day with ceremonies.

This year, we at San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant plan to celebrate National Flag Day! All are welcome to join us, see you on Feb 24th!