San Jose's Taco Chicago

Everyone loves a good taco, but have you ever wondered about one of the most popular items on our menu, the Taco Chicago? Sure, it’s delicious, but why is it called the Taco Chicago?



It all began with a crunchy taco. One day, a customer stepped into our shop and ordered a taco, but was disappointed with the crunchy taco she’d received. She’d been imagining a taco similar to the ones she’d enjoyed so much while in Chicago, and approached us to see if we could make one like it.

Always eager to keep our customers satisfied, we set out to make the taco of her dreams. We started off with a grilled corn tortilla, then added diced steak and topped it with fresh chopped onions and cilantro. Finally, we presented our creation to the customer – who loved it!

That’s how the Taco Chicago was born, and it’s been a customer favorite ever since! Which of our tacos is YOUR favorite? Do you have any special toppings you like to add to your Taco Chicago? Let us know!